Saturday, 7 April 2012



This magpie has been with us for about two weeks during which time it has been difficult to work out what is wrong with it.    It is very alert and rather averse to the human form and any sign of a camera.    There are at least twelve other magpies in this vicinity and they all ostracise it.    I have to admit that they are a beautiful bird with a cunning intelligence but I do not like them because of their liking for the eggs and young of songbirds.   Already this spring they have taken the contents of  the nests of a pair of blackbirds and a pair of chaffinches.   This particular bird appears to have no use in it's legs and is possibly short of one foot.    It has to 'belly flop' to land and perches on its stomach - when taking off it's are not in evidence.     The best image I have been able to photograph the bird resting in a tree(still very poor).    I'll keep trying but as stated earlier it is very alert as it needs to be with the ever threatening presence of the resident sparrow hawk.

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