Sunday, 29 April 2012


A few days ago I was moving trays of seedlings from a coldframe when my eye caught a movement but I did not see what caused it.   I left the top of the frame open and shortly afterwards when I was passing I saw this lizard which apparently was trying to find a spot in the fitful sunshine.    It gave a good impression of trying to hide but nothing compared to "I'm watching you watching me" in the next image.

In the ten years my wife and I have lived here we have seen colonies (I dont know if there is a collective noun) of lizards in the garden - they seem to particularly relish the limestone of this area.

These are some of the sightings over the years.     The first image is apparently a pregnant female on top of a hebe shrub seeking the sunshine.

Lizards are known to shed their tails when in danger and I believe the next three images illustrate how they grow a replacement.

The last two images are juveniles.

They are fascinating creatures and provide endless enjoyment providing that they get what  we all want - sunshine!!!

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