Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How not to --------

Went to the supermarket (nearest eight miles) yesterday.    Came out, loaded the shopping, got into the car and started to drive out of the car park when I saw something on the windscreen.    Stopped, got out, had a look and discovered what I believe was a harliquin ladybird - black body with  two red spots and white spots each side of the head.    Guess what - no camera, no glasses, no magnifying glass, nothing to catch and carry it in  - brilliant!!!     For the eight miles drive home it stayed glued to the windscreen and I had visions of being able to get the camera and get the required image but when I stopped and parked the inevitable happened it 'legged it' or should I say 'winged it'!!!

       However a few days ago I did manage two shots  of a two spot ladybird.    The first was in the garden privet hedge and from there it promptly decamped to the patio table  and as I took the photo it vanished into thin air!!!   Some you win -  I was going to say some you lose but I am not so sure at the moment as I managed to get a couple of pics of a strange 'bird' crossing the garden this afternoon.   It was preceded by five youngsters' but inevitably I was too slow to get my hands on my camera.     As I said earlier some you win and .....