Saturday, 7 April 2012

Can anybody help?


On 14th March this year I took my usual walk with 'the boss' and as usual we stopped at the far end of the walk.    It was a foul day - foggy with a fine drizzle and very poor visibility.     I was looking north when I became aware of a bird flying towards me on a line east to west.    It flew over me and landed on top of the only tree in the vicinity.    I could not readily identify it - it appeared smaller than crow and did not show the characteristics of a jackdaw.    The head appearance has that of the corvid family.    After hesitating I decided to try for a photo and managed six poor(very) shots and because of the distance I tried to edge towards it but with the inevitable result - it took flight westwards.    Because of the inclement weather and the fact that I only had a compact camera I did not bother to check the images until a later date.    There is very little detail to help identification but I am curious about the bar? on the right wing.    Can anyone help with any information please?

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