Thursday, 20 January 2011

Fallow Deer (again!!)

This shot was taken on 27th December last when six fallow deer wandered passed or dining room window late in the afternoon obviously searching for food and they seemed to enjoy the haws and sloes lying on the ground under the bushes.    It was a mad scramble to find my camera and get into a position without spooking them and I only managed three (possibly four) in this only remotely possible shot.  

Yesterday five wandered passed again and as usual I was totally unprepared but managed three individual shots.    In my defence it is obvious that I have not yet mastered the art of  shooting at an angle through double glazing and at a distance from the window, to say nothing of avoiding sudden movement and preventing 'the boss' trying to get in the act - it certainly adds interest to the exercise!!!


  1. What a wonderful sight David! I'd be gobsmacked if I saw deer wander past my window, I can only imagine the scramble for the camera. Thanks for including me on your blog list. Best wishes, Linda

  2. Hi Linda, thanks for your comment.
    I see you have linked Mid-Yorkshire Fungi Group, can I be cheeky and ask if you know someone who may be able to identify the fungi uploaded in my previous post.

  3. Hello David,

    Lovely photos. You did well to capture the deer so closely - they could be on a Scottish hillside.

    The main photo of the orange butterfly on the blue flowers is great, a lovely contrast of colours.