Thursday, 16 December 2010


We have a marvellous hedge of honeysuckle and this year it has again produced a terrific show culminating in a mass of berries.    I photographed the berries on 9th August and they were completely stripped by the end of the month mainly by bullfinches and blackbirds and one juvenile robin tried to help out!!!    To give an indication of the amount of berries cconsumed - the hedge is about fifteen metres long and a metre high and wide.

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  1. Your story of the honeysuckle stripping reminded me of one of the funniest things I've seen this winter.
    We have a pyrocanthus in our back garden and, as usual it was covered with berries and being stripped by all and sundry.
    This year though a pair of pigeons decided to get in on the act. However, being stupid, instead of picking up the berries that had fallen to the ground, the pigeons tried to perch on the side of the hedge. Unfortunately for them the hedge was cut only a few weeks ago so there was little purchase and the stupid birds kept falling to the ground. even then, rather than have a low level feast, they flew back up time and time again!