Monday, 12 April 2010

Near disaster!! wildlife pond.

About ten days ago there was evidence (hoof prints and droppings) that we had an overnight visit from a pair of muntjac but there was no apparent damage to plants, shrubs or trees. However about that time I was blaming our army of resident rabbits for grazing the young growth of the dwarf bullrushes. Several days after the visit and coinciding with strong blustery winds I noticed that the water level was falling but could not see or find any reason why. A 'hands and knees' eaxamination eventually revealed a hole (concealed by foliage) adjacent to the grazed bullrushes and at long last my brain clicked into gear!! I have carried out a patch job and topped up the water level and I am now closely monitoring the situation with fingers crossed that there is no further damage lower down which at present could be hidden by silt in the bottom.
I am pleased to say that in the brief earlier sunshine I counted twelve newts - now it is a matter of waiting to see what has happened to dragonfly nymphs and other aquatic life.

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