Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Setting the scene.

I live with my wife and our 'rescue dog' in South Lincolnshire. The dog appears in the profile simply because she is more photgenic than I am and she is also 'the boss'!!!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog - it will mainly concern widlife in our garden and immediate local area which is predominantly limestone. Our garden is approximately half an acre - long and narrow running from our house northwards. The east boundary is an unclassifed single track road which also borders the northern boundary passing under the main east coast railway line and that in turn forms the western boundary. Hope that makes sense but the railway line is important in that it forms an important bird migratory route in spring and autumn. Shrubs and trees on the embankments provide cover and nesting sites. High speed trains provide 'kills' (mainly pheasants but an occasional deer) which attract frequent visits from red kites. Finally I visit a number of local Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust sites and they will figure from time to time in future posts.

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